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Everything you need in this 5 week

at-home progressive programme:

We make sure you’re fully prepped before you get started on your exciting journey!

Know how to warm up, cool down and stretch out before jumping into that first HIIT to ensure faster recovery.

Top techniques! Get the most out of each exercise.

Understand why we find it hard to keep that fat off, and more importantly, what we are going to do about it.

Week 1:

Get carb savvy!
Be clear on what you want on and off your plate to torch that fat fast!

Fat stacking or fat burning?
Understand not just what you eat, but also how you eat affects your fat-stacking system

Strangled by sugar? Let's free you from that trap!

Carbs - Bag the challenge!

Take your first session with Fitness Coach James! Workout to blast that fat!

Feel fully focused going into Week 2 to progress that fitness!

Week 2:

Pack in that protein!

Build for peak performance and torch that fat faster!

Break it and nail it with Mind Coach Alison! Change your habits, change your life.

Know why we need enough protein and how to get it!

Best quality protein, best results!

Eat fat to shred fat! Know which types!

Fat blasting plate by Nutrition Coach Nicky

Torch fat faster in your progressive workouts with James!

Week 3:

Leaving no stone unturned, let's delve into drinks!

Water - why you need and what role it plays! Busting myths about smoothies and juices

Caffeine - friend or foe?

Alcohol - to drink or not to drink?

Fitness progression at halfway point! Sharpen workout techniques to the max!

Week 4:

Lifestyle to suit super-boosts and cements results!

Sleep to shred fat??!

Fasting to fat blast!

Superboost results with supplements!

Cement success with mind programming!

Stronger, fitter, faster recovery, better training techniques!

Next level fat blasting!

Week 5:

Round-up bringing everything together to exceed your own expectations!

Clarity and perspective changes everything

Live right, eat right, move right... for life

Personalise your plan

Be clear on how to keep that fat off and stay fit

Keep your results, easily

End on a high, celebrate and KNOW you’ve achieved!

ANYONE at any AGE or FITNESS level can take this programme

Make it personal, adaptable to suit YOU!

Don’t delay, don’t question yourself, get stuck in and get started!

Let's do this!!!!

Trust our formula...

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